Preformed Suspension Clamp for OPGW Cable
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  • Preformed Suspension Clamp for OPGW Cable

Preformed Suspension Clamp for OPGW Cable

Product Description


The Preformed Suspension Clamps are intended for connecting for OPGW Cable and Poles(Towers), reducing static stress to the OPGW Cables at support points and increase ant-vibration ability of ADSS cables, cushioning against the dynamic stress of Aeolian vibration, as well as ensure that the cable bending will not exceed the permissible value, make the cable does not generate bending stress, so that the fiber optic don't produce extra loss in the cable after installation.

Structure and Material

The preformed Suspension Clamp is combine with Suspension Splint ( Suspension Splint is made of Rubber Insert, Housing, Bolt, Spring Washer, Flat Washer, Nut, Splint pin )、Outer Preformed Rods、inner Preformed Rods.

Inner Preformed Rods, which are directly wrapped outside of the cables and gripped by Rubber Insert, to provide protection and hardness strength for the cables. Outer Preformed Rods are gripped by Housing and pressed the Rubber Insert.

Housing-----It is made of cast aluminum alloy, which is stable, better anticorrosive in aero and mechanical performance.

Rubber Insert----It is made of high-class rubber, compounded for resistance to ozone and chemical, weathering extreme high and low temperature variations and compression set.

Bolt、Spring Washer、Flat Washer、Nut--- Hot dip galvanized standard.

Splint Pin---- Standard part of Electric Power.

Inner Preformed Rods--- According to the mechanical performance and chemical composition to custom-made the aluminum alloy wire, with high tensile strength, hardness strength and excellent elasticity and strong rust resistance , it can be used for a long time in the bad weather condition.

Outer Preformed Rods--- The same to Inner Preformed Rods.

Connection Hardware--- Shackle,U-bolt, UB Clevis、ZH Clevis are the standard parts of Electric Power.


1. It is designed to connect corner/ elevation angel which is smaller than 25° pole(tower) and cable, double suspension clamp can be apply to large span length and large elevation angle of straight pole(tower). A unit of Suspension Clamp per Pole(tower).

2. Select the specification model for Suspension Clamp is corresponding to the appropriate cable range and Span Length / Load-weight.

3. It is suitable to OPGW Cable.

4. Select the different connection hardware matching the Suspension Clamp is according to the different method of actual line on Pole(Tower).

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